Drawing parallels

Drawing parallels

Drawing parallels


Part I: Intersections

What happens when I draw two parallel lines?
Looking ahead into the singular dimension,
there is only one road.

In reality, there was always a duality.
My perspective, I just never saw the other road.
When I realize I see that other road,
reality becomes a paradox.

One day I saw You
between the parallel lines,
there was just a tiny gap.
You and I were just two sides of the same coin.
The paradox of how ‘two’ intersects with ‘one’.

We met each other at the intersection.
That was where we found intersectionality;
In the realms of Yin and Yang.

Part II: Reflection

A shadow looking into a mirror and a face looking back at them.

I look at myself in the mirror.
I see my reflection, and I reflect.
At the end of the day,
solitude is just You and I.

Part III: Reconciliation

To You, my past and my inner child:
Before closing your eyes for the night,
sing a song of lullaby!

Don’t be afraid of the dark.
There is enlightenment in darkness.

There was nothing but peace,
between You and I.
Because we are one.

Topic: Ontology—Yin and Yang (Dialectical Monism) vs Dualism

Yin and Yang—herein refers to the dialectical monism concept “Taiji begets Yin and Yang” from The Book of Changes (oldest Chinese classic).

The modern tradition that a male and a female must unite in a heterosexual marriage, likely came from derivative works. See Taijitu Shuo (~1050AD) illustration Yin with , Yang with . Yin Yang in Chinese is 阴阳. A Chinese derogatory term (now reclaimed) for intersex people is 阴阳人 (see OII-Chinese 国际阴阳人组织-中文版). As an asexual person, I married (unified) myself and my reflection. I am male-female-intersex, man-woman-nonbinary and pronouns he-she-they.

Dualism—My choice. I (will not) choose between:

Man vs Woman (assigned sex vs (inter)sex)
Male vs Female (gender identity)
Us vs Them (LGBTQ(Allies) vs SOGIESC)
Disorders vs Differences (DSD, ADHD)
You and I (is there a connection?)

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