YOUth&I is an intersex youth anthology that shares the stories and experiences of young intersex people. Founded in 2019, YOUth&I is an Australian-based publication that actively seeks contributions from around the world and welcomes contributions in languages other than English.

YOUth&I seeks to create a space for young intersex people to share their stories in their own words and not be taken out of context or rewritten by endosex (non-intersex) people. A space for intersex voices to be heard in their own right. A chance to educate the people we live with and to connect with others including those who, even if they don’t know the word intersex, might recognise some of these stories and experiences within themselves.

Creating safe spaces in community to share, hear, and hold each other is incredibly important. While the intersex community in Australia is growing, spaces solely for intersex youth have so far been difficult to create and sustain. YOUth&I provides a space for young intersex people in Australia and elsewhere to share, create, be visible, and be valued. It is one answer to the challenges of storytelling in a world that is only just beginning to listen and where sharing can be painful, unsupported, unsafe, and not always clear whether it leads to change. It is also one answer to the challenges of bringing together young intersex people and giving them the opportunity to express the creativity and joy in their lives.

YOUth&I is funded by Intersex Human Rights Australia (IHRA). IHRA is a national not-for-profit company by and for people with innate variations of sex characteristics. We are grateful for IHRA’s ongoing encouragement and support.

The team

Steph Lum is the founder and editor-in-chief of YOUth&I. Steph is an intersex advocate and poet from Wurundjeri land (Melbourne) and Ngunnawal and Ngambri land (Canberra), Australia. Steph believes strongly in youth intersex voices and founded YOUth&I in order to help establish a platform for young creatives to share and be visible.

Georgia Andrews is the stakeholder manager of YOUth&I. Georgia lives in Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand and is an active youth advocate with a passion for connecting intersex youth and families to supportive communities.

Gabrielle Niemeyer is the graphic designer of YOUth&I. Gaby is an intersex visual artist, graphic designer and curator based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. Gaby uses her art to communicate her intersex identity and bring awareness to those who view her work.

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