Who we are

Who we are


Intersex Intersex Intersex
We are created in the likeness of God
We were born with features making us unique
We are found everywhere on earth just like water
We are found in all races whether black, white or coloured
We can be tall, short and we are proud

Some people fail to understand us
Some label us incorrectly
Some discriminate against us
Some regard us as a taboo
Day and night we fight for our rights and recognition
Time to time relatives neglect us
Suicidal thoughts are common amongst us because of the abuses we face daily
Some want to explore our bodies daily
Sometimes we end up taking drugs to run from reality
Doctors choose our sexes at birth

But we are survivors
We are proud of who we are
There are more than 46+ versions of us
We use the word ambiguous with boldness
We are a special group

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