Tormented soul

Tormented soul

Tormented soul


From the day I was born, they said I’m different and rare
They said I should hide what is under my clothes at all costs
They said I am a mixed gender 

Growing up was never easy for me
Each day I looked through the window and saw other kids playing
but they said I must not play with them
Holding onto the burglar bars and watching them have fun
made me feel like I was in prison
Relatives became distant
Day after day I watched my mother cry because of me
I am a soul that knows no peace
I feel detached from everything good in life

When will I be connected?
When will my cries be heard?
Who will comfort me when I cry?
How will I be able to heal from the words that relatives threw in my face?
What shall be the end of my suffering?
Where will I lay my sorrow?

I am a soul that is crying out for peace
I cry out for recognition
I cry out for acceptance 
I cry out for a non-discriminatory society
I wish being intersex would become normal
I wish to share the knowledge and ideas that I have
I cry for connection

I am intersex and I am a tormented soul.

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