No past in the present looking for a future

No past in the present looking for a future

No past in the present looking for a future

A. Anakin

My name is A. Anakin. I’m 20 years old, and I’m an intersex person with salt-wasting congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) 21 hydroxylase. When I was born, the doctors decided that I would be a woman and that my body would be accommodated according to that gender. To achieve this, for 12 years I went to the operating room to have different cosmetic surgeries performed on me without my consent: they turned my testicular bags into vaginal lips, clitoral mutilation and vaginoplasty. Between the ages of 17 months and 12 years, I was also given high doses of medication (cortisone). I talked to my mother and told her that I didn’t want to continue with all this. She supported me unconditionally and we found a sexologist and psychologist who helped us. Thus, I was reborn and had to make a second transition to my true gender: masculine.

Thanks to Brújula Intersexual in Mexico, we created our organization in the Canary Islands (Spain): Caminar Intersex. Now we fight so that this story does not repeat. Thanks to Mom, Miguel and Laura Inter.

Link to our story:

A digital image of a yellow vase. There are three colourful spirals around the vase in blue, purple and red. The image is deliberately blurry and distorted.
They give us life, we come to this universe and other people decide for us, leaving us without a past. When we discover who we are and what has happened to us, we hold on to that compass (brújula) that gives us the direction to walk (caminar) towards a happy future.

This piece is a translation of the Spanish text – Sin pasado, el presente buscando un futuro.

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