maybe this is for you

maybe this is for you

maybe this is for you


I am holding a portion of the world
It is a firm grasp yet a gentle one
I am master of what I can manipulate
I stand and face the light
I earnestly walk towards it
I am nurturing the innate.

The more I discover the less I know
I control if that scares or comforts me
This giantess, space immemorial,
I decide the outcome of the action
Defeat begets defeat
Growth begets growth.

Healing is a self-sufficient process that you can’t do alone
This paradox hugs us
We’re a pendulum that needs a push,
or needs a shaking, a resetting
We can ride our broken paths back and forth,
through the same pain and heartache back to fear and regret
And it feels safer because we know it
But the hardest path is the one that pulls us most.

Love is as powerful as we believe it to be
We can water any plant we choose
The love that survives furthest from the sun is the most resilient
Our sun is massive to the ant, and tiny to the galaxy.
I have neglected perspective.
I have neglected to look into the dark.

Life is staring into the darkness
and learning to see.

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