I was born in Venezuela with a variation called ‘incomplete androgen insensitivity’. I lived very complex experiences in hospitals, with my family and in society in general. I grew up thinking that I was a freak, that I had no chance, and that everything was over for me. I felt like my life hadn’t even started, because I felt empty, lost and disoriented. I asked life why I had come to this world, because I tried and tried and couldn’t see results. However, one fine day, searching the internet, I found a great treasure that would change everything I had been thinking about. I found a beautiful Compass (Brújula) to guide me, orient me and support me—it was everything I had dreamed of.

I learned to love my ambiguous body that I had hated so much and I understood that being born intersex is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love every inch of myself. Although the doctors damaged my body, caused me pain and consequences that I have carried until now, thanks to the connection with Brújula Intersexual I have found another meaning to my life. Through them I have met many people who are now my family, my siblings. Thanks to them I know that I’m not alone and that through the distance we are always connected.

This piece is a translation of the Spanish text – Conexiones.

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