My body can’t be defined by your binary.
My body says
why the hell do you expect billions of people to fit into two categories?
My body says
I do not “have the best of both worlds.”
I have the best of myself.

I say that my body does not speak for me.
I speak for my body.
My voice is just as loud as your voice.
And I will use it to tell you about the hundreds of thousands of intersex babies
surgically altered to fit into the sex binary.
Born with no ownership of their body.
Doctors would rather cut off parts of us than cut off parts of their misconceptions.
I want to make something perfectly clear to you—the sex binary is a lie.

And I want to make something else perfectly clear too.

I am not just intersex, I am intersexy.

So, if you are interested in getting with me, know you’re not giving me charity.
My body will give you clarity, make it clear that not fitting a binary can be extraordinary.

I am far from ordinary and ordinarily I would refrain from talking so openly about my body,
because my body is none of your damn business.
But—I refuse to limit the self-love you see in poetry.
I refuse to let you think for one second that my body deserves any less love than your body.
I refuse to let lies told in medical books make my anatomy my enemy.
If you want to get with me, just say hello, and know

I am intersex
and fucking proud of it.

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